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The Department’s laboratories at the service of a number of Faculties include state-of-the-art teaching, research, experimental laboratories, computing laboratories equipped with the latest software and a specialised library to support teaching and state of the art research.
Our Labs offer high quality, certified testing services to the public, Universities, private companies.

Students, researchers and professors of DISG have free access to specialised software packages to assist them in their studies and research. 
These include:
Numerical Calculation
--Wolfram Mathematica
Simulation, structural and geotechnical calculation and analysis 
--Ansys Multiphysics
--Simulia Abaqus
--Suite Midas (gen, Civil,NX+)
--Comsol Multiphysics

Tools for the production of digital documents--Microsoft Office 365
MMS Tools (Minimum Security Measures)

The DISG library offers a wide range of library and documentary services providing support for study, teaching, research, professional and cultural activities.
The library, with three branches, offers 150 study places, WiFi connection, access to the full text resources that the University, the Engineering Faculty and DISG subscribe to.
The library also promotes initiatives, instruments and services for guidance and training in bibliographic research and using the Sapienza Library Services. An Information Literacy and Search Strategy module is also organised in support of the DISG Ph.D School.





Head of Engineering Labs
Roberta Marzellota
T. 06 4458 5407

Head of Architectural Lab
Silvanao Silvani
T. 06 3628 9169

Head of ICT
Pietro Maioli
T. 4558 5378